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Jan. 6 - “Aha!” - Rev. David Kraemer

Many churches will celebrate Epiphany on this Sunday, understood at that time when God shows up, or when we learn something new.

Jan. 13 - “For the Time Being”- Mary Beth DanieLSON

“For the Time Being” is a poem by W. H. Auden which asks a January question. The holidays are over, the kids are reluctantly back in school, we ate too much, and there is too much bleary Wisconsin winter ahead.  How do we live spiritual lives when so much that is around us is mundane, uninspiring, wrong, and sad?

 Jan. 20 - “(Not just) Blowin’ In The Wind.” - REV. David Kraemer

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we will ask ourselves what is possible in our congregation and our individual lives and what it takes to make King’s dream come true.

Jan. 27- “The More Things Change.” - Rev. David Kraemer

The more they stay the same. Or do they? The root of “progressive” is progress. What do we think about progress in our faith and our world?